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This range celebrates our beautiful land. Experience Republik today and bring a piece of SA’s best to your home. With carefully prepared ingredients and unique formulas, there is a beautiful product waiting for you.

ZA Republic midlands


With Honey, Yogurt And Egg Extract

The KwaZulu-Natal Midlands has long been shrouded in both mist and mystery – a green and moody part of the country where tales of fierce warriors, wise Zulu ancestors and eccentric English ghosts vie for visitors’ attention. But this is also a place of abundance, long celebrated for its rolling green valleys: resplendent and verdant.
Here, in this veritable land of milk and honey, everything thrives. The dairy cattle roam free, eating a nutrient and protein rich diet, ensuring only the creamiest milk. The chickens feed on lucerne (alfalfa) – producing the richest yellow yolks in the country and all the while the bees buzz contentedly among the flowers, making some of the sweetest honey on earth.


With Buchu Extract

Legend has it that Buchu was first brewed in more humble surrounds on the hills of what is now the Klein Karoo. It was here that the Khoi and San people used the dried and powdered leaves of Buchu to treat all sorts of ailments, thanks to the plant’s anti-bacterial nature. Yet science is only now uncovering some of the incredible health giving and anti-carcinogenic properties – proving ancient wisdom right once again.

ZA Republic Karoo