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Clean, honest goodness from Beauty Factory.

Sometimes you just need good old-fashioned soap.


Eau De Toilette

Pure & Simple

For a clean scent that lasts, apply this EDT behind your ears, on your neck and wrists. Then keep this bottle in a cool, dark place to make the fragrance last even longer.

Hand & Nail Cream

Pure & Simple

To keep your hands looking like new, you’ll need to treat them with a small dab of this cream twice a day. Make sure you really cover both your hands and nails.

Originals hand and nail cream
Originals body souffle

Body Soufflé

Pure & Simple

For everyday indulgence, liberally apply this clean scented Body Soufflé all over your body. It’ll work even better after a shower or bath on slightly damp skin.

Shower Créme

Pure & Simple

To moisturise your skin whilst gently cleansing, just apply this Shower Crème daily. Use your hands, a sponge or wet facecloth. Then rinse with clean water.

Originals shower creme
Originals body polisher

Body Polisher

Pure & Simple

To achieve a natural glow, apply this Polisher to freshly rinsed skin using broad circular movements. Let it settle for a minute before rinsing with fresh water.

Body Oil

Pure & Simple

To condition your body and seal in your own natural moisture, gently rub this Body Oil onto your skin. Just make sure your skin is clean and dry first.

Originals body oil
Originals hand wash

Hand Wash

Pure & Simple

To clean away dirt and feel fresh again, always begin with your hands. Apply this Hand Wash to wet hands, then rinse with clean water.

Hand & Body Lotion

Pure & Simple

Keep your skin in tiptop shape by regularly applying a well-made Hand and Body Lotion like this one. Don’t miss a single spot.

Originals hand and body lotion