Moisturing shower creme and body butter


Moisturising Body Butter and Shower Creme by Beauty Factory / Review

These two products pair so well. Leaving your skin feeling clean and moisturised at the same time. Sounds almost too good to be true?

I prefer using my shower creme with a good quality loofa. This makes a beautiful lather on the skin.


I love my hot showers and great smelling shower cremes. My favorite part of this Moisturising shower creme is when you finished in the shower and walk past the bathroom a couple minutes later the beautiful smell of sweet musk is still lingering in the bathroom, filtering through the house.

When you open the lid of the shower creme the smell is pretty rich but I feel that the musky smell gets deeper when it warms up on your body in the shower, leaving your skin almost stained with the sweet smell.


Be very careful with this product as it is quite runny. The first time I went to use it I poured way too much onto my loofa. It is almost too runny for me. Perhaps they could add a thickening ingredient to prevent wastage of the product. I always forget how watery it is and dump way too much out and end up wasting.


The jojoba oil in the shower creme helps make the skin feel nourished and smooth. Skin looks noticeably soft.


This is my favorite kind of packaging for anything bath and body! It has a squeezy tube with a lid that flips on and off. No need to twist the lid off and have to twist it back on, with the possibility of dropping it on the floor in the process.


“From me. To me. With love!”

-Beauty Factory

This Extra Moisturising Body Butter is very buttery and thick.


This butter has the same musky scent as the shower creme but it is not as intense.


Very thick and creamy. Soaks right into the skin. I love using it on my elbows and feet!


Gives the skin a healthy glow. I find myself washing my hands after applying this to my body as it does it is too greasy for my hands. Any dry skin on my feet and elbows are softened and left looking supple.


Exactly the same packaging as the shower creme.

These two products pair lovely together, leaving your skin stained with its beautiful smells, lasting all day! They make fantastic stocking stuffers/birthday gifts.

What I love about Beauty Factory is that they are a luxury bath and body brand that does not break the bank.

Body Butter – R 79.90 – 200 ml

Shower Creme – R 69.90 – 200 ml

Finally, you can afford to spoil yourself or a loved one. These products are easily accessible. You will find BF at selected Pick n Pay stores, Selected Edgars stores and if you are an online shopping kind of person, you can find them on Goodies Hub. Beauty Factory even have their very own concept stores where they hold all of their ranges in one store. Go to the Beauty Factory website to find a store near you.




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