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Fresh is always best. That’s why the range sits on top of the Beauty Factory charts when it comes to bath and body pampering.

Freshly made for you is loaded with top quality natural extracts and boasts packaging as unique as the range itself.

You’ll quickly discover that each glass bottle is loaded with natural plant based oils and the resulting fragrance will leave you, your bath and bathroom smelling irresistible, no matter how you choose to indulge.

Original bath salt from the Beauty Factory


Fresh From The Factory

Reminiscent of a traditional bath and body range, these products offer the ultimate in indulgent and luxurious skincare that not only feel beautiful to use, but cleanse, moisturise and protect skin, leaving it irresistibly smooth and soft as silk to the touch, all day long.


Fresh From The Factory

Luxurious indulgence and comfort for your bathtime ritual. These products gently fragrance the skin whilst pampering your body. The perfect way to unwind. The gentle formulas will moisturise and comfort your skin, leaving it gently fragranced and nourished.

Cashmere bath salt from the Beauty Factory
Candy Floss Bath Salt from the Beauty Factory

Candy Floss

Fresh From The Factory

Bright, sensual and bold. This delightfully addictive scent inspired by femininity, with notes of caramel is the perfect complement to an indulgent bathtime ritual. Surround yourself with yummy indulgent oils and salts to really relax and unwind, whilst making sure your skin thanks you later.