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Escape to exotic and beautiful destinations everyday with the Earthbound range. Each variant has been carefully curated to transport your senses to your favourite destination. The ultimate accessory for any bathroom, with luxurious textures, finishes and indulgent formulas, let Earthbound take you there! Discover you perfect escape today…

Earthbound alpine ash

Alpine Ash

With Smokey Woods And Warm Tobacco

Frost filled, crisp morning air, surrounded by the stark beauty of snow capped mountains and warm, cosy evenings spent by the fireside. The fresh mountain air, clarifies the mind whilst the heart is warmed by long conversation-filled nights spent with loved ones.
With opening notes of tobacco leaves and anise, the Alpine Ash range combines warm notes of coriander and wood sap with cedarwood, nutmeg and hints of vanilla, musk and tonka bean for a sensual and mysterious scent.


With The Essences Of Sea Minerals & Kelp

Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly. Sun soaked days with warm water lapping at your feet, days at the beach are made to make memories. Escape to a life, where you live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.
With coastal scents of sea spray, sand jasmine and mandarin, the Beach range combines the best of citrus and floral aromas with hints of driftwood, cedar wood and soft musk, and is sure to make your guests dream of the sea.

Earthbound beach
Earthbound Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

With Comforting Chamomile & Cashmere

Fresh, chilled days, filled with soft cloudy skies. The earth sighs and the clouds bring promises of change. Surrounded by warmth and comfort, the soft filtered light brings peace and harmony to body and mind.
With warm herbal notes of calming chamomile and cashmere, the Cloud Nine range combines hints of sweet orange and rose with heady bursts of musk, vanilla and sandalwood for a scent that’ll have your guests on Cloud Nine.

Chiang Mai

With Touches Of Fresh Cut Lemongrass

Find yourself surrounded by unique landscapes and unparalleled nature, with backdrops of misty morning mountains. Walking through forests, discovering ancient history, Chiang Mai leaves you both energised and at peace.
With touches of lemongrass, verbena and black pepper with hints of fresh citrus, the Chiang Mai range combines light spritzes of white wood, neroli and violet with Melissa herb to create a scent as fresh as the morning dew.

Earthbound Chiang Mai
Earthbound Safari


With Touches Of Neroli & Bergamot

Experience a journey through lands of striking scenery, with rolling plains, rugged escarpments and majestic nature. Let the fragility of life, contrasted with the strength of survival take your breath away and restore your soul.
With a burst of fresh, citrusy neroli balanced by a light, fruity hint of bergamot, the Safari range combines a zesty array of floral and fruity aromas in a rich, heady bouquet for a scent as exotic as an African Safari.

Seville Orchid

With Zest Of Grapefruit

Seville is as provocative as the flamenco song. Hot days and balmy nights spent meandering through cobbled streets and exploring narrow alley ways, surrounded by the enticing scent of orchards filled with citrus trees and ancient olive groves.
With prominent notes of fresh grapeseed, the Seville Orchard range combines calming, woody aromas like patchouli and geranium leaves with hints of grapefruit and orange to create a unique scent that is fresh and energising.

Earthbound Seville Orchid
Earthbound Sun Burst

Sun Burst

With Hints Of Ginger & Fresh Citrus

Early morning rays of sun bursting through a forested canopy, bringing with them promises of sun kissed days and fresh romantic evenings. Moments of soft, filtered sunlight that hint of a day filled with possibilities.
With warm, heady notes of ginger root and lemon rind, the Sun Burst range is a musky blend of Maplewood, sandalwood and amber complemented by a floral burst of jasmine and white rose with a hint of spearmint – a scent reminiscent of a sun-kissed summer’s day.